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It appears unlikely that Helwise was Walters daughter: firstly, it is likely that such a relationship would have been specified in the source, and secondly Walters children were young when he died so any of his daughters may not have been nubile at the time. Domesday Book records land in Gloucestershire held by Ansfrid de Cormeilles, noting that he held Pauntley... Ketford..Hayes..Winstone and Duntisbourne..Walter de Lacy when he married his niece Ellis suggests that Walter de Lacy was the brother of Ilbert de Lacy, highlighting that Walter held a "knights fee in Lassy and Campeaux" in Normandy from Odo Bishop of Bayeux and that "this fief was afterwards held in parage by the heirs of Walter and Ilbert".This is supported by the two documents, dated to [1133] and Sep 1146 both quoted below, which list fiefs of the bishop of Bayeux in the duchy of Normandy.dated to [1133] and Sep 1146 both quoted below, which list the fiefs of the bishop of Bayeux and include the Lacy fief in Campeaux, the latter being located about 20 kilometres west of Lassy.

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Look for direct flights or choose comfortable joint offers.It is possible that Helwise was the sister of Walter de Lacy.A close relationship is indicated by his donation to her of property on her marriage.Ellis shows the supposed brothers in his genealogical table as born from different mothers.Presumably he bases this on Emma naming only her son Ilbert in the charter which is quoted above.