Intimidating dog collars

I've even talked to people whose dogs have had serious injuries (and one lost a leg) because what seemed like play escalated into an attack — something that probably could have been avoided if everyone involved had been reading the body language of the dog and paying attention to some simple rules of behavior.

The bummer reality is that dog parks are not the playground most people think they are. Here are the most common things people do wrong (so you can avoid these mistakes), and five ways you can make dog parks a safe and fun environment for all involved. First, it's simply good manners to scoop up after your dog does her business.

They're a play heaven for our furry friends, right? Dog parks are one of those places that seem like a brilliant idea — and would be, if we all knew how to behave. As many a trainer has told me, you can potentially ruin your dog by taking her to dog parks.

A single situation gone wrong can escalate into an attack or fight, which can cause life-long reactivity or fear aggression in your dog.

The technique of progressively increasing sound and shock is more humane, and it’s also proven to be more effective in breaking the barking habit.

1 Anti-Bark Receiver, 1 Adjustable Nylon Dog Collar, 1 Testing Unit, 2 Long Shock Prongs, 2 Short Shock Prongs, 1 - 6 Volt Battery (Color collars come with 2 batteries), 1 English Manual with FAQ and Tips See all items by K9konnection First i need to tell you a little about my situation and my Yorkie.

They should be fitted so that when tightened the two rings actually meet around the dog’s neck, with sufficient space for two fingers to be slipped against the neck, under the collar in exactly the same way as a flat collar would be fitted.Feeding dogs raw can be intimidating for some people.But once you’ve gained knowledge on the subject, it’s not difficult to embrace.Dogs scuffle over food or toys or when one of them isn't feeling well and gets bothered by the other dog.It can happen at the dog park or while you're walking down the street with your dog leashed.