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It’s like a tractor exhaust pipe.”) But, yes, here in his favorite London pub, slurping iced oysters and downing Guinness, I believe this statement If my accomplishments on the soccer pitch, exquisite good looks, marriage to a fashion designer/former Spice Girl, and exceptional kids, four in all, get people’s attention, maybe they’ll focus long enough to realize I’m well into my second act now, with something else I’d like to say.…

Becks, from Legolas Becks to 007 Becks)—David Beckham seems to have reached a more permanent astral station.

We look back at her style evolution from 1994 to present day, and pinpoint when exactly she made the transformation from Spice Girl-WAG to a powerful influencer of the fashion world.

Like with every pop group, style was everything to the Spice Girls.

Husband, David Beckham, who once upon a time played soccer and now models underwear and acts as a personal Uber driver to the couple's four children, decided to honor his wife and her kicky dress sense with an amazing #tbt (well, #fbf) birthday message on Facebook.

Becks posted an amazing picture of the couple looking loved up and extremely caught in the early '00s on the beach. This beautiful relic from the early aughts immediately sent us into the Posh and Becks archives.

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Since the 90s Victoria has trialled a short-lived solo career, reunited with (and then broke apart from) the Spice Girls, lead a parade of stylish WAGs through the mid-noughties and then made a successful foray into the fashion world as a well-respected and well-connected designer. Her personal style has also gone through many extremely specific and of-the-moment trends. The fashion designer formerly known as Posh Spice has accomplished a lot in her life.because I believe him, even though he lives in a stratum of fame only conceivable by a couple of dozen people on the planet, one being his wife, Victoria.(And, oh, it’s the kind of fame where, among your properties and holdings, you own a house on a palm-tree-shaped island in Dubai.) because I’ve reviewed the You Tube highlights, and he does. And it’s a foot on which an empire was built, a foot that, besides the one in Dubai, is responsible for other mansions in Madrid, Los Angeles, London, etc.