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You don’t have to tell him that the sex is and that you’re bored to tears, but you certainly shouldn’t try to convince him otherwise, either.Lies, even ones told in the name of sparing peoples feelings, are shitty, especially when they mess with people’s hearts. I am his extremity, love of his life, i have nothing to worry about. After awhile i became insecure and not confident as i was before. He said that he can't live like this anymore even though he cares about me so very much. I felt in my heart 100% that after some time we would be together again. I then emailed him telling him that i am well, confident, feel more like my old self and that im not waiting around for him anymore. He then replied back saying that he has been thinking of me and has been sad. and was thinking maybe months down the road circumstances would be right for us to be back together again. I'm sure this is just a rebound relationship as i know he loves me very much. I'm sure and hoping he will realize that we are meant to be together. (as in text messages, calling just to say i love you ect.) He kept telling me that he loves me with all of his heart, he just is used to me. But as of now he is dating someone and taking one day at a time.In the long run, these kinds of negative relationship habits and patterns can wreak all kinds of relationship drama.To help avoid long-term unhealthy side effects that can lead to the 7-year itch, it’s important to change those relationship-weakening patterns and habits.

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They also develop habits of how they treat one another and interact.

As a savvy single, it’s sometimes hard to imagine that after all the time, energy, and work that goes into finding the right long term relationship, things could ever go south.

But with divorce statistics pointing to over half of all marriages ending, and the 7-year itch scratching at many a long term relationship’s door, how can couples fail-safe their chances of happily ever after?

And while some of those habits can be good (always ending the day with a goodnight kiss, making coffee for your sleepy spouse, always remembering to take out the trash, etc.) some can be detrimental or downright demeaning.

For example, if one or both of you start taking the other one for granted, if either or both of you adopt a condescending tone in communicating with your spouse, or if you start seeking emotional comfort and intimacy from members of the opposite sex other than your partner, etc.